Looking Back and Moving Forward

by Janet Miller 24. June 2014 12:26
Every so often, I look back in Me2Team to see all that we have achieved. I check my own completed ToDos and Tasks, plus how well we have met the goals we set ourselves as a team, and as a company. And looking back at what we have done, we have much to celebrate, including: A new business model to allow more people to use the software for free A new affiliate partner in the US:  http://www.mytrilliant.com/me2team-software.html A new look for the websites and the software The launch of our Face Book page at https://www.facebook.com/Me2Team Changes to the software to allow the flexibi... [More]


Disruptive Management Technology – Distributed Management

by Dr Neil Miller 21. June 2014 17:13
Traditional management methods rely on managers to plan, organize, coordinate, lead and control tasks.  But managers can’t be everywhere and do everything they need to do all the time.  Consequently team members often don’t have the information they need to decide how to best use their time.  This often leads to inefficiencies that reduce productivity. Distributed management is a new method that can give managers and team members the critical task management information they need when and where they need it. However manually applying distributed management would tak... [More]

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Get High Value Adding Work Done

by Dr Neil Miller 18. June 2014 22:29
People want to do a great job, but often find it hard to decide what actions will generate the most value to their organization, their teams and themselves.   For example, few people can answer the question “what do I need to do, when and with whom to best contribute to a strategy, change, project, process or task?”  Or in other words, how do I know if what I am doing is a waste of my time and effort? Me2Team sorts through relevant strategies, changes, projects and processes to identify what is important to each person.  Then it shows each user t... [More]

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