Get Things Done Fast

by Dr Neil Miller 28. March 2017 15:25

Getting things done usually focuses on personal time management.  The ability for each person to get things done is very important, but how a person gets things done is usually influenced by what other people are doing.

To get things done fast, the To Do lists of everyone involved need to be coordinated.  In today’s workplaces where people depend on each other to get work done, personally maintained To Do lists are no longer enough.

Unless each person’s actions are synchronized with other team member’s actions, it is very hard to keep work flowing.  As soon as someone fails to do something in a workflow, it stops.  Then some form of remedial action is required to get the workflow back on track.  This usually means that other people are required to do actions that were not on their list. 

 Consequently it doesn’t take long for personally managed To Do lists to become out dated.  Then time and effort is required by each person to update their list.  This unscheduled time takes time away from doing work, so things get done slower.  In addition, people get frustrated and stressed leading to tension between people that can also slow the flow of work.

The simplest way to speed up work is to keep all contributors’ ToDo lists synchronized.  This keeps work flowing and avoids the additional time and effort required to get a task back on track. 

TASKey has found that a planned workflow to complete a task is the common element in plans, To Do lists, progress reports and feedback to keep relevant people informed.  Workflows are usually expressed as an ordered list of actions/ToDos (usually in order of being done).  Each action/ToDo needs one or more people to do the action.

This means that agreed workflows (lists of actions/ToDos) in a plan need to be directly linked to relevant peoples’ To Do lists, otherwise it is likely that the action/ToDo will be forgotten or not done.  So updating To Do lists is as simple as updating the task workflow.     

Therefore linking action/ToDos lists (workflows) to personal To Do lists can keep lists synchronized and work flowing.  This synchronization makes it easier to get things done fast.

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Disruptive Management Technology – Distributed Management

by Dr Neil Miller 21. June 2014 17:13

Traditional management methods rely on managers to plan, organize, coordinate, lead and control tasks.  But managers can’t be everywhere and do everything they need to do all the time.  Consequently team members often don’t have the information they need to decide how to best use their time.  This often leads to inefficiencies that reduce productivity.

Distributed management is a new method that can give managers and team members the critical task management information they need when and where they need it. However manually applying distributed management would take even more time and effort in meetings and communications than traditional management does.       

Distributed management requires a software tool to handle the complexity generated when the work required by strategies, projects, processes and tasks in different organizations is concurrently sorted out and distributed to each user.  Over the past 10 years, TASKey has developed a software tool called Me2Team that concurrently manages planning, organizing, coordinating, elements of leading and controlling tasks; so managers have more time to lead and handle more tasks.

The breakthrough for distributed management has been the introduction of smart phones and other mobile devices.  Now team members and other stakeholders can easily see what they need to do in an understandable and actionable form, and progress and feedback can be quickly provided to relevant people.

Each user can get understandable and actionable information, when and where they need it.  Me2Team’s distributed management method is a disruptive technology because it keeps tasks synchronized and shows all team members the right thing to do at the right time and right place.

Me2Team doesn’t depend on the knowledge and skills of managers or team members.  Key management skills are built-in to Me2Team and applied consistently.  With Me2Team, average managers can quickly achieve outstanding results with less effort and minimal training.  

Use Me2Team free online software with the convenience of a mobile app to simplify planning and improve personal and team productivity.  Me2Team significantly increases work efficiency by releasing users from time consuming work processes and meetings; so they can get more work done with less stress.

The basic mobile version of Me2Team is free, so team members can be easily added and cost is not an issue.  A Premium version is available for managers who need extra capabilities.  You can sign up for free access to Me2Team on standard or mobile browsers at or for Apps at Apple, Google Play or Windows stores.


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