Me2Team Press Release - Shared Work Management

by Dr Neil Miller 11. March 2015 22:10
TASKey, developer of breakthrough technology Me2Team free shared work management online software that makes it easy for all stakeholders to productively participate, has released mobile apps to make it faster and easier to get work done.Like Facebook shows you what your friends are doing, Me2Team shows you what you & other team members are doing.  Me2Team work software flexibly scales from individuals and small teams to large organizations.With Me2Team you can easily join many activities, projects, tasks and processes in many groups and organizations.  Unlike other tools, Me2Team... [More]

Disruptive Management Technology – Distributed Management

by Dr Neil Miller 21. June 2014 17:13
Traditional management methods rely on managers to plan, organize, coordinate, lead and control tasks.  But managers can’t be everywhere and do everything they need to do all the time.  Consequently team members often don’t have the information they need to decide how to best use their time.  This often leads to inefficiencies that reduce productivity. Distributed management is a new method that can give managers and team members the critical task management information they need when and where they need it. However manually applying distributed management would tak... [More]

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Get High Value Adding Work Done

by Dr Neil Miller 18. June 2014 22:29
People want to do a great job, but often find it hard to decide what actions will generate the most value to their organization, their teams and themselves.   For example, few people can answer the question “what do I need to do, when and with whom to best contribute to a strategy, change, project, process or task?”  Or in other words, how do I know if what I am doing is a waste of my time and effort? Me2Team sorts through relevant strategies, changes, projects and processes to identify what is important to each person.  Then it shows each user t... [More]

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Applying Distributed Management

by Dr Neil Miller 28. May 2014 22:36
Applying Distributed Management blog [More]


Proactive Governance

by Dr Neil Miller 23. May 2012 11:09
There is little argument about the need for and benefits of effective governance to an organization’s bottom line. But sustaining governance processes is a major challenge. Usually governance processes are measured in hindsight. This is like looking in the rear view mirror to decide the path ahead. What is needed is “proactive governance” where feedback from governance processes is provided in real-time. Generally there are two broad groups of people involved with governance: 1. Those who set the goals and policy framework, develop aggregated reporting mechanisms, monitor... [More]


Effective Governance

by Dr Neil Miller 21. May 2012 10:32
Many organizations spend a lot of time and effort evolving policies, processes and workflows to ensure that their organization is being effectively governed.  But how can they be certain that these governance practices are actually being implemented? Unfortunately the consequences of poor governance can be severe.  Risks can unknowingly reach unacceptable levels, time can be wasted on missed and remedial actions, and reputations can be tarnished.     In most cases, people at the working level implement governance practices directed by managers.  Managers need to... [More]


Get Plans Done

by Dr Neil Miller 3. April 2012 08:54
To get plans done successfully, you need to first develop a plan that is easy to understand.  Then you need to get people to work together to implement the plan. This sounds easy, but it can be very difficult to achieve in practice.  Developing a plan that is understandable and doable for everyone involved is usually time consuming and stressful.  But it doesn’t need to be. Simple One Page Plan TASKey has developed a simple one page plan template that makes it easy to develop a plan for any task in minutes.   The one page plan template has been used by tens of... [More]


Reusable Plans

by Dr Neil Miller 2. April 2012 15:31
Plans take time and effort to develop and implement, but this is a good investment. If you can also save time, effort and stress by reusing a plan, then the investment has even more value. Ideally, a plan that will be reused should document the goal; context; who did what, when and with whom; and the specific resources that were needed. Most plans need to be updated while they are being done. So in many cases, reusing an initial plan is likely to miss critical information.  Making the plan match what actually happened increases the value of the plan to implementers and provides ... [More]


Personal & Team Accountability - Why it is hard to achieve!

by Dr Neil Miller 30. March 2012 17:11
“Accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices; in other words, an absence of accounting means an absence of accountability” – Wikipedia entry on Accountability.Just as financial accountability requires records of financial transactions; personal, team and organisational accountability requires records of what has been done to achieve goals.  Both financial accountability, and personal, team and organisational accountability requires progressive records in context, because people quickly forget what needs to happen or what has actually happened.But what... [More]


Streamlining Interactions with Clients

by Dr Neil Miller 23. February 2012 17:05
Service providers need an efficient interaction with clients to get work done and minimize stress.  But both service providers and their clients have many competing priorities that make productive interactions hard to sustain. One of the greatest challenges is getting on and staying on the same sheet of music.  Any lack of clarity about what needs to be done and who is going to do it, wastes time and effort and builds stress. TASKey has developed a simple way to create an agreed action plan and to politely follow-up so tasks get done with a minimum of fuss.  A simple Plan-on-a... [More]