Applying Distributed Management

by Dr Neil Miller 28. May 2014 22:36

This blog is to update you on a new management paradigm I have discussed with thousands of people over the last 15 years.  It is called distributed management. To apply it globally we have developed an online software tool, Me2Team, with an optional mobile app.

Unlike other management methods that rely on meetings and other communications to manage work, Me2Team dynamically sorts out the tasks, ToDos and context that each person needs to see.  This improves results and saves a lot of time, effort and stress.

The protocols required to make Me2Team operate have taken over 15 years to develop, test and validate in workplaces.  The 10 minute plan-on-page template that underpins Me2Team has been downloaded by over 25,000 people from 150 countries.

Me2Team joins plans to personal To Do lists, so managers and other team members know what to do, and can get real time feedback on what is happening as well as progress.  Me2Team employs a patented method that dynamically manages security and privacy for its global pool of users and eliminates many of the boundary issues that frustrate stakeholders.

One challenge has been finding a simple way to give each person easy access to the time and task management information they need to make sound decisions, anywhere, at any time. Mobile apps and online browser access has met this challenge.  This approach has been validated by Facebook, LinkedIn and many other global access tools.

To ensure that the maximum number of people can benefit from Me2Team, access to the mobile view is free.  Me2Team also includes the ability to add stakeholders who don’t need to access the software.

A desktop browser Premium version is available by subscription, to manage more complex task or organization groupings.  Extra features make managing projects, strategies, changes and processes easier, and increases productivity.  Premium users can work in tasks with their own connections, or switch to group tasks without logging out.

Me2Team is available free at , and the app is also free from Apple, Google Play and Windows stores. You can sign up for Me2team from the app if you don’t already have a login and password.  Me2Team automatically keeps all your plans and teams on all your mobile devices and online browsers synchronized, so you can access your tasks and To Dos from anywhere at any time.

Please try Me2Team and tell others who you think may benefit.  Plus any feedback will be greatly appreciated. 


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