Effective Governance

by Dr Neil Miller 21. May 2012 10:32

Many organizations spend a lot of time and effort evolving policies, processes and workflows to ensure that their organization is being effectively governed.  But how can they be certain that these governance practices are actually being implemented?

Unfortunately the consequences of poor governance can be severe.  Risks can unknowingly reach unacceptable levels, time can be wasted on missed and remedial actions, and reputations can be tarnished.    

In most cases, people at the working level implement governance practices directed by managers.  Managers need to ensure that relevant people know what they have to do to make governance effective.  Then they need a reporting means to know that what was required has actually been done.

In many cases, managers are forced to rely on verbal assurances that governance activities have actually been completed.   However many people do not know explicitly what they are responsible for and what they need to do, when and with whom.  This lack of clarity makes it extremely difficult to give an accurate report against what they had to do.

TASKey Me2Team web and mobile software makes governance activities easier to communicate, implement and report.  All governance tasks can be concurrently managed, so managers can see governance progress in real-time.

Users receive a consolidated list of all the To Do’s they need to do.  So users can focus on completing their To Do’s knowing that no governance To Do’s are missed and that ticking a To Do as complete will automatically update reports and notify relevant people of significant changes.

Me2Team makes governance more transparent and timely for all internal and external stakeholders.  Plus an audit trail is generated, so effective governance can be demonstrated at any time.

Me2Team has a powerful templating capability that makes it easy to create templates of governance processes and team workflows from scratch or from existing processes. Templates can also be shared with other organisations, so best practice processes and workflows can be implemented.

 More information is available at www.taskey.com.       



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