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by Dr Neil Miller 18. June 2014 22:29

People want to do a great job, but often find it hard to decide what actions will generate the most value to their organization, their teams and themselves.   For example, few people can answer the question “what do I need to do, when and with whom to best contribute to a strategy, change, project, process or task?”  Or in other words, how do I know if what I am doing is a waste of my time and effort?

Me2Team sorts through relevant strategies, changes, projects and processes to identify what is important to each person.  Then it shows each user the things they need to do to add the most value to their organization, their teams and themselves.  Most importantly, it shows value adding work in both a workflow and a personal To Do list that is understandable and actionable.

Me2Team uses Distributed Management to maintain the relationships between tasks and people so work can be automatically sorted into task workflows and personal To Do lists.  This information tells each user the things that they can do to add the most value to their organization, their teams and themselves. 

The benefits of Me2Team to organizations are strategies, changes, projects and processes get done productively.  The benefits to teams are that the workflows for relevant tasks are understandable and actionable and progress is clear.  The benefits to individuals are all members know what they and other team members need to do when and with whom, plus other team members are automatically informed about progress and any changes that affect them.

The basic mobile version of Me2Team is free, so team members can be easily added and cost is not an issue.  A Premium version is available for managers who need extra capabilities.  You can sign up for free access to Me2Team on standard or mobile browsers at or for Apps at Apple, Google Play or Windows stores.

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