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by Dr Neil Miller 3. April 2012 08:54

To get plans done successfully, you need to first develop a plan that is easy to understand.  Then you need to get people to work together to implement the plan.

This sounds easy, but it can be very difficult to achieve in practice.  Developing a plan that is understandable and doable for everyone involved is usually time consuming and stressful.  But it doesn’t need to be.

Simple One Page Plan

TASKey has developed a simple one page plan template that makes it easy to develop a plan for any task in minutes.   The one page plan template has been used by tens of thousands of people in 175 countries.

If you have more complex tasks or projects, you can connect several one page plans in a tree framework.  The advantage of this approach is that the people involved in each task have an understandable and doable plan that contributes to the bigger task (such as a strategy or project).

Online software makes it easy to keep plans up-to-date

When the situation changes, plans need to be checked and updated.  In practice, most plans are not updated regularly, so what people are actually doing differs from the original plan.

TASKey has found that online software makes linking plans to personal To Do lists and keeping plans updated easy.  When a To Do is completed or changed, the To Do is updated in the plan workflow.

Personal To Do lists show each person what they need to do to contribute to the plans that are relevant to them because they are synchronized with plans and other team member’s To Do lists. They answer the common request “Just tell me what I need to do for all the plans I am involved in”. 

Online software makes it easy to keep people informed and report progress

You can easily and quickly see relevant data and reports in Me2Team online software. Me2Team also keeps relevant people informed by email in real-time about changes that affect them.  This reduces the time and effort spent in meetings and communications telling other people what has happened.

Completing To Do’s updates plan workflows and progress (Gantt) charts, so relevant people can see progress in real-time.  It is easy to email the current state of a plan and up-to-date Gantt charts to anyone at any time.

You can even reuse plans to save more time and improve workflows.

Plans Get Done

You will be amazed at how easy it is to get plans done successfully using Me2Team online software.

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