Proactive Governance

by Dr Neil Miller 23. May 2012 11:09
There is little argument about the need for and benefits of effective governance to an organization’s bottom line. But sustaining governance processes is a major challenge.
Usually governance processes are measured in hindsight. This is like looking in the rear view mirror to decide the path ahead. What is needed is “proactive governance” where feedback from governance processes is provided in real-time.
Generally there are two broad groups of people involved with governance:
1. Those who set the goals and policy framework, develop aggregated reporting mechanisms, monitor progress and take actions required to achieve the goals.
2. Those who develop and implement the business processes to achieve the goals, report progress, and take the actions required to complete governance processes and workflows.
Generally governance focuses on the first group, but governance is ineffective if the two groups are not seamlessly integrated. In simple terms, governance needs to be distributed between all stakeholders, so no one is overwhelmed and everyone knows what they need to contribute.
In terms of governance, people generally say “Just tell me what you want me to do”. They don’t want to expend time (away from their core activities) trying to identify and keep track of changes in governance requirements and keeping other stakeholders informed about what has happened.
A Win-Win situation is required where:
· Management can clearly communicate governance requirements in terms that implementers can understand and timely, quality decision making information is available, and
· Stakeholders are provided with personal governance To Do lists, so they can manage their time to complete To Do’s and tick them off when completed.
This may sound like an impossible dream, but it can be achieved with smart software. TASKey has developed and validated web and mobile software that can handle the governance processes required to create the Win-Win situation.
A simple task plan template makes it easy to break a task into a simple workflow, and then the software produces personalized To Do lists from all relevant governance processes. Completed To Do’s drive real-time progress reporting, and relevant people are automatically kept informed by email about changes that affect them.
An audit trail shows what has been done, when and by whom. Customised templates of processes and workflows save planning time, reduce training and underpin continuous improvement.
Proactive governance supported by software, provides feedback in real-time, and increases productivity by reducing the time, effort and stress required for effective governance.
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