Reusable Plans

by Dr Neil Miller 2. April 2012 15:31

Plans take time and effort to develop and implement, but this is a good investment. If you can also save time, effort and stress by reusing a plan, then the investment has even more value.

Ideally, a plan that will be reused should document the goal; context; who did what, when and with whom; and the specific resources that were needed.

Most plans need to be updated while they are being done. So in many cases, reusing an initial plan is likely to miss critical information.  Making the plan match what actually happened increases the value of the plan to implementers and provides quality information for reuse.

TASKey has developed and validated a simple task plan template that that takes about 10 minutes to complete.  The template has been used by tens of thousands of people in 175 countries, and is easy to use.  It can be progressively updated to record what needs to happen and what has actually happened.

Online software makes task plans easy to develop, update and implement. Task plans can be connected together for larger tasks, such as a project or strategy. 

Me2Team online software can be used to create reusable copies of existing plans, which can be updated.  Also new plans with tasks and roles can be created for future use.  People’s names can be added to roles when the plans are reused.

Plan implementation is easier, because the software creates and updates personal To Do lists so each person can see what they have to do or have done, when and with whom.  Me2Team also keeps relevant people informed by email about changes to the plan that affect them. 

Reusable plans make continuous improvement easier to achieve, because improvements can be made to what was actually done.  Completed plans provide valuable information about actual workflows.

By integrating initial planning with updating, implementation and reuse into one online software solution, your team can work together to save time, effort and stress, whilst producing significantly better results.

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