Track and Demonstrate Environmental Savings

The videoconferencing organiser and calculator make it easy to organise videoconferencing meetings over the web and to track travel costs and carbon saved by using videoconferencing.

Travel cost and carbon savings are recorded and displayed in real-time, so participants can easily see the savings being made. Quality decisions can be made on the data and trends. Savings calculations methods are approved by the Department of Finance and Deregulation.

Simplify Complex Bookings

The Online Videoconferencing organiser easily handles complex bookings and multiple time zones. It is easy to see who is using specific videoconferencing equipment and who you need to contact to accommodate changes.

The Online Organiser and calculator requires no application setup, so it can be used over the web or on mobile phone web browsers anywhere and at any time.

Environmental Sustainability Leader's Platform

TASKey has also developed and validated a web and mobile software Leadership Platform. The Leadership Platform makes it easier to plan, implement and sustain team and organisational changes to improve environmental sustainability.

Templates can be easily created from work done, so continuous improvement and best practices can be more easily implemented and sustained.

More information on the TASKey Leadership Platform is available at and

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