WorkNav Online Pricing

Free Sign-up for Basic Users

Basic and Premium Users get...

  • Unlimited Tasks
    • Have as many Task Plans for Projects, Strategies, and Tasks as you want.
    • See them all connected together in a tree.
    • Email PDF plans to anyone.
  • Unlimited ToDos
    • Personalized ToDo lists (based on the ToDos in your Tasks).
    • Email ToDos (with iCalendar) to anyone.
  • Unlimited Contacts
    • Contacts can't login, but can be assigned Tasks & ToDos.
    • They can be informed of Tasks & ToDos by email.
  • Mobile access
  • Send emails of your Task Plans and ToDos
  • Receive email notifications
  • Security & Privacy
  • Online help and tutorials

Premium Users also get...

You can pay for a number of users to have access to all these extras:

  • Gantt Charts
  • Advanced ToDo Filters
  • Advanced Reports
  • Time and Resource Management
  • Task Templating
  • Advanced desktop browser view
  • Access Others' ToDo Lists
    • See what ToDos you have assigned other people.
    • View other users' ToDo lists that have been shared with you.

For $30 per month / $300 per year (per Premium User)

On-site Version Available

For pricing to run WorkNav on your own server, please contact TASKey sales.