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  • Keep everyone working to the same plan

  • Easy to learn and use

  • Automatically delegate

Leaders Achieve Goals Their Way with the TASKey Strategy Implementation Platform

It's easy to inspire people and move them to success and achieve your goals and objectives, when you are working with a clear practical action plan.  With the TASKey Strategy Implementation platform, it's easy to create a series of practical action plans to deliver your strategic plan.  Action plans and work plans can be immediately delegated and inserted into your people's ToDo lists, so everyone knows what to do.


Everything you need in 4 simple steps to lead your
business, your team, your organization to success.

Step 1

Action Plan Template on Paper

Success starts with the right action plan. The key is using TASKey's proven method and template for writing the information you already know into a practical, easy to understand action and work plans for you and your people. It's as easy as filling in the boxes and you'll be amazed how you can pull together a powerful action plan in minutes to achieve your goals and objectives.

1. The Vision outlines the situation, what success looks like (why - goals and objectives) and highlights plan key boundaries/constraints.

2. The Actions workflow required to implement the plan (who, what, when, how) - the action items.

3. The Team and Resources stakeholders involved, responsibility and resources (who, with what).

action planning step 1
Work and action plan Step Two

Breakdown large Strategic Plans into separate Action Plans

Where a plan is too big to manage, create a number of smaller action plans that can be easily delegated.  The same action plan template is used for all plans, so training is minimal and everyone knows where to look for critical information.

Smaller action plans make it easier to keep team members focused on achieving the objectives required to contribute to your business goals.  With the TASKey Strategy Implementation platform, big plans are simply a lot of related small action plans.  So complexity is minimised for all contributors.

Action plan sample and templates included
Strategic Action Planning Step Three

Create a ToDo list from relevant actions

ToDo lists make it easy for your people to remember what they need to do, when and with whom.  Everyone can quickly create a personal Action ToDo list by recording the action plan actions that are relevant to them.

With a comprehensive list of what they need to do, people stay focused and can better manage their time and effort.  The benefit to leaders is that nothing falls through the cracks, so work flows more smoothly and fewer interventions are required.

Planning Samples and Templates for Strategic Planning framework
Step Four

Updating and timely Feedback

As the situation changes and more information becomes available, it is common for action plans to require fine tuning.  Relevant action plan workflow can be easily updated by simply adding, editing or deleting actions.

People can transfer changes in relevant action plan actions to their ToDo list.  Keeping track of small changes in the action plan context is significantly easier than trying to guess what is happening, how it may affect you and how it changes what you have to do.

A significant benefit of keeping track of actions is that progress reporting can be directly related to completed actions.  By showing marking completed actions it is easy to see what has been done and what needs to be done.

Action Planning Steps - Number Four

TASKey Strategy Implementation Platform Methodology

The TASKey Strategy Implementationt Platform Methodology has been proven in many training courses, consulting programs and paper based systems used by leaders, team and organizations, businesses and small groups all over the world.

Action and Strategic Planning Methodology

TASKey Strategy Implementation Platform Software

The TASKey Strategy Implementation Platform Software has been developed and tested on thousands of computers in many different environments around the world to ensure it works in the most demanding businesses and organizations.  The software contains templates and sample plans to get your started in your business, corporate or strategic planning.

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