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The Problem:

  • The mix of full-time, part-time and volunteer staff with different goals spread across the whole of Australia makes working together a significant challenge.
  • Complex governance requirements are made more difficult by the physical separation, many time zones and diverse working times & arrangements.
  • Volunteers want to spend the majority of their time assisting cadets with minimal time on projects and administration.
  • Many projects are being conducted concurrently with some people contributing to many projects.
  • Project managers and team members are in many locations and need to be able to contribute at a time and place that suits them.
  • For most project team members, project work is only one of the many work activities they need to do.
  • Some hardware is provided, but most people use their own computers and mobile/cell phones to manage work and projects. Low bandwidth is a constraint for many users.
  • Physical meetings of project team members are rare.
  • Funds are limited.
  • IT expertise is generally low.
  • Training is a major challenge.
  • There is little time available, so most of the time allocated to the project needs to be spent of doing project tasks, rather than on planning, organizing, coordinating, informing others and reporting.
  • Process documentation was not easily accessible.
  • Workflows were not integrated.

The Solution:

  • AAC wanted an integrated technology solution to support its staff so they could get the work done efficiently, accurately, on time and with minimal stress.
  • After trialing TASKey TEAM software on a number of national projects in early 2009, AAC decided to progressively introduce TASKey TEAM in 2009 and 2010 as the means for managing projects and other important work.
  • The trial confirmed that TASKey TEAM’s online version with easy access over the Internet was an ideal solution to manage the AAC’s projects, governance, compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Half day hands-on training sessions were conducted for key personnel. Online training is being developed for the many users who are unable to attend training sessions.

The Result:

  • The efficiency of project and other work management has improved, because people can more easily and consistently manage work.
  • Compliance and reporting obligations are getting done accurately & on time.
  • People are contributing at a time and place that suits them.
  • Processes and workflows are streamlined and administration is reduced.


  • Projects get done Other work that affects projects is managed.
  • Improved efficiency because work can be kept managed from anywhere at any time.
  • Many otherwise complex management processes are automated, so they happen consistently with minimal training and effort.
  • Time is saved and stress reduced because TASKey TEAM makes it easy to inform people on how they need to contribute and work with other people as well as the progress of tasks and actions.
  • Templates can reduce planning time from days to minutes, ensure that critical actions are not missed, and standardize processes.
  • Web and mobile browsers provide easy access from anywhere at any time. Users can use PC’s or Mac’s or mobile devices (such as iPhone, Blackberry, or other popular phones). No download is required so access is fast and simple. Mobile versions can be run on web browsers with low bandwidth.
  • Team members stay focused on their contribution thanks to personalized ToDo lists and fast notifications.
  • Accountability is enhanced because responsibilities are clear and everyone knows what they need to contribute by when.


For a small investment, TASKey TEAM allowed AAC to better meet its complex governance, project & compliance requirements with a minimum of fuss.


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