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The Problem

  • Throughout the year, Bathurst Council must submit numerous monthly, quarterly or annual reports & returns to comply with the Department of Local Government and other State Government bodies' reporting requirements.
  • 65 members of Council staff from 5 different departments must work together throughout the year to complete 180 top level actions to get these reports done & lodged on time.
  • Without a reliable system, Council members relied on reminders from external people to initiate reports. Sometimes these reminders were late, so insufficient time was available to meet reporting requirements.
  • When people forget to submit a report on time, time and effort is wasted chasing late inputs. This takes effort away from other important tasks.
  • In the worst case, when strategic tasks are not completed on time, non conforming councils are named in Parliament.
  • To meet this massive reporting burden, Council wanted an integrated technology solution to support its staff so they could get the work done efficiently, accurately, on time and with minimal stress.

The Solution:

  • In 2005, Bathurst Council trialed TASKey TEAM to manage their “Promoting Better Practice” program including creating the reports for The Department of Local Government.
  • The experience confirmed that TASKey TEAM's enterprise version using the council's intranet was an ideal solution to manage the Council's governance & compliance reporting requirements.
  • In early 2006, it was determined that 65 user licenses were required to cover the contributors to the compliance reporting process.
  • After half a day's training on the method and software tool, the Business management and IT areas of Council set up TASKey TEAM templates of their governance & compliance reporting requirements, and assigned tasks and actions to contributors.
  • Team members used TEAM to see their personal view of the tasks & actions that were relevant for their contribution to the process.
  • By following a simple process of completing actions on their ToDo list, contributors enabled the reporting process to keep up to date.
  • When tasks or actions were completed or changed, other team members were automatically informed and progress updated. Reports were customised to meet specific needs.
  • While the governance process was being implemented, changes to the planned approach were automatically incorporated. So near the end of the financial year, the tasks related to the current year were templated to incorporate lessons learnt.

The Result:

  • Governance & compliance reporting obligations throughout the year are getting done accurately & on time.
  • Last minute crises have been largely eliminated.


  • Consistent on time compliance with the Council's governance & compliance reporting requirements
  • Time is saved and stress reduced because TASKey TEAM makes it easy to inform people of how they need to contribute and work with, other people as well as the progress of tasks and actions.
  • Planning time for future governance & compliance requirements have been reduced from days to minutes by the templates built using TASKey TEAM.
  • Team members stay focused on their contribution thanks to dynamic ToDo lists and notifications.
  • Accountability is enhanced because the person responsible is clear in all tasks and actions.
  • The TEAM process provides a sound basis for continuous improvement.
  • TASKey TEAM is also used for managing the “Promoting Better Practice” initiative to drive best practice and monitor ongoing practice & progress.


For a small investment, TASKey TEAM allowed Bathurst Regional Council to meet its complex governance & compliance reporting requirements with a minimum of fuss.


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