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We all need critical information to make decisions about how to best do our work. There will be a range of opinions about what information is critical. TASKey's experience and research suggests that the following list covers the core questions you need to be able to answer to make fast, quality decisions:


  • What goals am I contributing to?
  • What tasks are relevant to me?
  • Where do my tasks fit in with other tasks?


  • What do I need to know about?
  • What do I need to actually do?
  • What do I need to do today?
  • What do I need to do next?
  • What am I committed to do?
  • What have I already done?
  • What have I missed doing?
  • How can I manage my contributions to many unrelated activities concurrently?


  • What teams am I a member of?
  • What are other people doing that affects me and when?
  • What do I need to do with whom?
  • What actions have I assigned to other people?
  • What actions have other people assigned to me?
  • How can I work with people who employ different work practices?
  • How can I work with people located around the globe?


  • How can I change task and action information? (so relevant people see it immediately)
  • How can I restructure relationships between tasks?
  • How can I easily change the people involved?
  • How can I quickly update someone new to the team?
  • How can I do a formal handover?


  • What resources do I have to do my work?
  • How much time do I have available?
  • How much time do other people have available?
  • How much time have I planned to spend on a task or action?
  • How much time have I actually spent on a task or action?


  • What changes are occurring that affect me?
  • Who needs to know about something I have changed?
  • Who do I need to report to?
  • What have I done in a past period?
  • How can I keep relevant people informed?
  • How can I keep myself informed?


  • How is work progressing?
  • What has been done?
  • What is still to be done?
  • What should have been started or is behind schedule?
  • What do other people need to know and how do I tell them?


  • What have I done in the past that I can reuse?
  • What have other people done in the past that I can reuse?
  • Are there any best practice templates available for what I need to do?

There are existing methods and tools that can answer some of these questions. However TASKey's leadership platform that makes it easy to answer all these questions was required to make the hard parts of leadership easy.


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