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What is included in TASKey Me2Team?
TASKey Me2Team runs, and seamlessly integrates, the management processes a leader and their team needs for success.  Capability tools provided are:
  1. A planning tool (makes it easy to plan and keeps plans up to date)
  2. A context tool (identifies relevant tasks and puts them in context)
  3. A people tool (keeps track of what people are doing and their workload)
  4. A team tool (tracks and coordinates Task and ToDo teams)
  5. A ToDo list tool (creates, updates and synchronizes everyone ToDo lists)
  6. A ToDo email tool (allows leaders to email ToDo's to anyone instantly)
  7. A notification tool (keeps you informed about what is happening and what needs to happen)
  8. A change tool (makes it easy to change team membership and keeps everyone informed of relevant changes)
  9. A Gantt tool (automatically updates a graphical view (bar chart) of the progress of relevant tasks)
  10. A timesheet tool (tracks, costs and reports on the time spent on ToDo's and Tasks)
  11. A resource tool (tracks, costs and reports on the resources used on ToDo's and Tasks)
  12. A template tool (creates and pastes work and best practice templates)
  13. A meeting tool (makes it easy to manage agendas and agreed ToD's)
  14. A reporting tool (produces relevant reports)
  15. A security and privacy tool (allows access to information on a need-to-know basis that is easily and dynamically controlled by the people responsible for a task)
Some of these tools are offered by other solutions; however the real power of a Strategy Implementation Platform will not be achieved without all these tools being readily available and seamlessly integrated.
How much technical support do I need to setup TASKey Me2Team?
The software is accessed over the web, so there is no technical support required.  All you need is a PC or Mac computer with a current web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 7 or above, Safari 4 or above, Firefox 4 or above), the web address provided and a login and password.  You do not need to download any software to run TASKey Me2Team.
Can I access TASKey Me2Team on my mobile?
Yes - core functionality of TASKey Me2Team has been customized for use on any mobile phone (including iPhones) that can access the Internet.  You use the same login and password for the web and mobile versions.
I have a slow internet connection can I still use TASKey Me2Team?
Yes - simply click the "Access the Mobile Version" link at the bottom of the TASKey Me2Team web page.  The mobile version's low bandwidth requirement is ideal for slow connections.  When using Me2Team, you can easily switch between mobile and standard versions by clicking the "Access Desktop Version" link on the Home Page of the mobile version.
Can I store documents inside Me2Team?
Yes - TASKey Me2Team lets you store documents against the Tasks you're working on.  Anyone working on those Tasks can download and update the files.
If people are involved in more than one Task, does TASKey Me2Team aggregate all the ToDo's they need to do for all relevant Task Plans in to one ToDo list?
Yes - TASKey Me2Team can instantly aggregate ToDo's from thousands of Task Plan ToD's.  Also ToDo's completed show on both the Task Plan and in relevant people's ToDo Lists.
Can people with browser access see and complete ToDo's on their own ToDo list?
Yes - people can look at their ToDo list by logging in to TASKey Me2Team.  They can also print a copy of the list for when they cannot access a browser.
Can I integrate my work with other members in my organization?
Yes - you can work with as many organization members as you want.  TASKey Me2Team automatically integrates work on the basis of Task team membership.
What if some people cannot access TASKey Me2Team?
You can instantly create an email with all critical ToDo details.  Then all you need to do is add a comment (if relevant) and email the ToDo to relevant people.  When the recipient has completed a ToDo, they can tell you and you can tick the ToDo as complete.  So you have a comprehensive list of what has been done or not done.
How does TASKey Me2Team differ from Project Management software?
Project management software is designed for a project manager or their scheduler to develop and manage a project plan.  The TASKey Me2Team Strategy Implementation platform can also provide a project plan framework, but additionally it provides a simple way to break project tasks into the ToDo's required to complete project tasks.  The management of ToDo's through personal ToDo lists is not a feature of project management software.  Other critical features for leaders that are not provided by project management software are: personalized context management, team management, change management, templating and meeting management.  In summary, project management software addresses a small subset of the capabilities of the TASKey Me2Team Strategy Implementation Platform.
Where can I try TASKey Me2Team for free?
Get your free 15 day trial by filling in the trial sign-up form.  You'll have instant access to the full functionality of Me2Team.

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