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Goal Setting
Links goals, objectives and key assumptions to each task, so everyone can see the bigger picture and keep focused on what they need to do. Shows incompatible goals at a glance.


Creates powerful plans in minutes, by simply filling in the boxes.


Enables everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities. Automatically creates a consolidated To Do list for each member. Shows relative workloads.


Provides clear consistent direction that all team members can refer to whenever they need it. Helps team members to do their job and brings together key information in real-time so you can make sound decisions.


Gives you timely feedback in a productive and useful manner. Provides continuous real-time updates of progress based on actual performance. Notifies team members of any scheduling or responsibility changes that affect them.


Provides a sound basis for consistent communications. Facilitates team interaction and ownership of tasks. Customises information so everyone sees key information from their own perspective in an easily understandable form.


Keeps track of and coordinates all individuals and teams, projects and tasks needed to achieve goals. Supports all team structures (formal and informal, functional and cross functional) concurrently.

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