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Author: Sudhani

ERP and Business Intelligence Innovations

Until recently it has been quite difficult to find an enterprise wide, full scale ERP business intelligence (BI) solution or software application that was both effective and affordable. Historically, the solution was finding separate BI solutions focusing on varying business processes and then bridging them together with customized programming. This resulted in sub-par solutions that required vast amounts of resources and time to get implemented which generated poor investment returns for many companies.

Recently, however, new innovations in enterprise BI applications and tools have hit the market that meet user expectations and company demands. These software on demand, software as a service (SaaS), automated business intelligence solutions are a new model shift that addresses old pain points while creating exciting new opportunities for companies.

The benefits of automated BI solutions are many. For data warehousing automated BI solutions allows for quick assessment of new stars in the data warehouse by providing a more flexible solution that doesn't require a single enterprise data warehouse.

Customers and users are not required to develop another set of metadata to navigate through the information and data or custom cubes for analytical reports since they are generated automatically and maintained from the star schema.

From an enterprise reporting and presentation perspective, the automated BI systems does not require the IT group to customize reports and performance dashboards for varying departments and managers. The automated system filters through the data and highlights the key business metrics and creates reports that focus on these areas and tweaking reporting formats requires minimal input to generate accurate and specific reporting requests.

Key non-feature benefits of automated solutions, as most SaaS based solutions are, is that they are not only faster, but they are cheaper and many times more flexible making them affordable for a whole new market of businesses as they provide companies with a tremendous ROI with an affordable capital investment entry point.

The need for an effective ERP business intelligence solution has always been there. The demand for BI solutions has increased almost 10 percent a year for the last decade. Now for the first time, the BI process can be streamlined with an automated solution with a delivery model (SaaS based) that is now affordable and consequently available to the masses, or small to mid-sized businesses looking for an enterprise software solution to help managers make better decision and keep companies competitive in the challenging business environment.

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