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Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

Project leaders play a pivotal role in a project, which come in every shape and size. Project professionals always face the constant learning curve bringing in a lot pressure to the work environment. Most of the times project leads are responsible for many task but delivering quality results is always important. With limited resources the task becomes harder but good project management works against all the negatives formulating a project plan with realistic outcomes in a realistic schedule. The practice of Project Management though widely accepted in organizations is still to find its right place as the real value of it remains unexplored.

The rise in a large number of organizations implementing Project Management practices, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is exploding in popularity. A global organization, PMI supports practitioners with project management credentials that objectively assess experience, education, and knowledge. To earn PMI certification, you must satisfy the educational and professional experience requirements established by PM. Moreover, it shows your ability and skills to apply your project management understanding and knowledge.

Recent surveys show that the number of Project Management openings out-numbers the supply of certified Project Managers, opening up new avenues for project aspirants. PMP Certification from PMI is globally recognized and a standard certification for PM aspirants looking to become certified project professionals. PMP Certification requiring rigorous qualifications, testing and preparation, PMP certification preparation and Project Management training have become essentials. Individuals who pass this certification find the Project Management skills effective to execute projects right on time and within budget. Today, there are a lot many project professionals who are project managers or want to become one, PMP certification adds to their skill set and experience in managing projects.

Large organizations have adopted Project Management practices, but in an economy where just under half of the work-force is employed by small businesses there are a significant number of organizations that have never used Project Managers, and even more employees that have never worked with a Project Manager. Ironically, it is small businesses that could quickly and painlessly reap the benefits of Project Management. The PMP Certification by PMI is the most recognized and respected credential in the field of project management regardless of what industry they work in. This develops the ability to apply the processes defined in the PMBOK to different situations.

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