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Author: Kathleen Chester

Did you know that IT projects have a relatively low success rate? According to a study done by The Standish Group in 2004, less than 29% of all IT projects saw successful completion--a staggering figure, by any standards.This might explain why demand is so high for IT project management training.

Without the proper tools, managing an IT project can feel like running in quicksand. Information technology is particularly difficult to manage because it's always changing, moving and adapting. With traditional projects, managers deal with tangible elements. IT project management, on the other hand, involves managing and planning IT resources in such a way that the company's goals and client's requirements are effectively met. Unfortunately, IT projects also face technical and technological challenges, like challenges posed by databases, security problems and so on. Since IT project management can be difficult, IT project management training is critical to business operations.

The basics of IT project management training:

A 'project' is typically a time-bound, group effort to create a unique product or service. Some basic examples of projects include developing an e-commerce website or handling a billing task.

Generally, project management consists of three important factors: time, price and scope of project. If an IT project is to be successful, all of these factors must be kept in equilibrium. If any one factor is thrown out of balance, the project spirals downward. Interestingly, most IT projects fail because of a lack of sufficient planning. Since most companies lean heavily on IT for a competitive edge and deadlines are generally hard to meet, many firms make the mistake of rushing through the development phase. This is where the project generally runs into trouble.

IT project management training is vital if you want to successfully complete the project. Training equips team members to quickly troubleshoot and circumvent any problems that may arise during the project. Additionally, IT project management training can also help you become more well-rounded analytical individual.

Establishing an efficient work-flow is essential in successful project management. IT project management training teaches the significance of goal setting and time management. It teaches you to make a list of objectives and plan effectively to meet these goals. IT project management training also teaches you to evaluate available resources so that you may estimate the resources needed during the next phase of the project.

Attention to detail is an important element of any form of management. IT project management trains candidates to document everything. Managers are required to document every step taken so that all tasks are accounted for.

Finally, IT project management training will teach students to manage and handle the project automatically. There are systems and charts that make it possible to automate the process.

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