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Are you aware of the importance of organization and planning? These two concepts make it so much easier for many small to large businesses around the world. Whether it is online or off, having a step-by-step plan will keep your company from crumbling. The method of incorporating steps and organization in a plan is considered Project Management.

According to, Project Management is defined as the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

Project Management as a Process (according Just Enough Project Management by Curtis R. Cook)

Project management is considered to be more of a process, which consists of a series of steps needed to achieve a specific outcome. Not all projects are the same, but they all have a basic life cycle consisting of at least four steps.

Below are the four basic project management steps covered within all projects:

Initiation– receive the new project, determine what needs to be accomplished, and formally launch the project.

Planning– develop a detailed plan that includes: task list, resource assignments, schedule, budget, communication plan, risk plan, and change control process.

Control– technical work is done during this step; project status reports are generated.

Closing– includes a few last-minute checks to ensure that everything is in order and that all project requirements have been satisfied.

It is very important to undertake any project with a defined beginning and ending point and specific, well-distinct goals that identify completion. Doing so will help any business complete tasks less complicated.

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