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Author: PM Alliance

This is the time of year when organizations typically start thinking about how operations will continue during small-scale work stoppages-those caused by events such as snow, urban flooding, and power outages. Use these simple tips to help your PMO maintain continuity and stay on track.

1 – Think low-tech. Even if your mobile device syncs your contacts and calendar with a master server, consider keeping hard copies in your briefcase. Ditto for project schedules, purchasing information, vendor agreements, and any other data you may need for reference. Be mindful of your company's confidentiality policies, and confirm that taking copies offsite won't be a security risk. Now's also a good time to ensure your regular data back-ups are occurring as planned.

2 – Know your options. Where are generators or other alternate power supplies available? Can team members stay connected through mobile phones, text messaging, or the Internet? Is there a suitable alternate work location? Set aside a block of time now to think about and plan workarounds. Consider your vendors' emergency plans, and integrate them as appropriate.

3 – Be flexible. Remember that road conditions might cause team members to arrive late, communications could be less robust if working from an alternate location, and the emergency's impact on family obligations may occasionally take priority. Be ready to reschedule important meetings to another time, or carry on via phone or Internet if feasible. Provide summaries for folks who weren't able to participate, and pass along any new or updated action items.

4 – Remember personal preparedness. Have an extra cell phone battery (already charged) ready to go, and keep a charger in your car. Be sure that colleagues have current contact information for you. Know the alternate routes to your office in case your primary route is impassible, or keep a bus/train schedule handy.

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