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Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

The power of Project Management has now been well established amongst organizations for delivering successful projects. Not only organizations but project professionals now look upon Project Management methodology and tools for their career growth. The Project Management buzz is all around with lot of talks but it certainly needs a lot of attention in understanding what it is and what it can do to you and your organizations bottom line. All organizations comprise of processes and projects for implementing changes. Projects are the core of any organization requiring a systematic approach to manage them for desired results. This is what project management does providing a systematic approach to generate consistent results. Moreover, it can be termed as a powerful tool that can transform business.

Most often the problem encountered among the organizations is that there are no set processes to do projects effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the lack of proper project management training among the project professionals results in time loss, delayed projects, cost overrun leading to poor performance for all. With the use of Project Management (PM) throughout your organization one can boost personal and collaborative productivity and ultimately show triple digit return on investment. The key to successful PM is to build a standardized system for doing project management that embeds best practices into how you manage your projects.

PM has the power to transform businesses by building a process, tracking performance and help create true best practices that work for you. There are five ways that project management transforms organizations.

Builds Exponential Effectiveness

Empowers Individuals and Team Leaders

Build Institutional Memory

Realizes Return on Innovation

Turns Information into Insight

For any project to be a success the key role Project manager plays cannot be denied as good project leads can make all the difference. A project manager has to be many things from being a great communicator, a leader, a visionary, and be able to both build and inspire the team. First and foremost, however, a project manager has to be proactive. Importantly, a PM certified professional can effectively run the show. To be a certified professional PMP Certification by PMI is the most reputed and recognized certification. For PMP Certification India, AstroWix a Registered Education Provider of PMI provides Project Management training to help professionals with the PMP Certification, USA.

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