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Author: johnsmith

We provide customers by helping in program management or by strategic planning of a program.

Project management is the process of organizing a company resource to reach their goals.

It is under stood from the above definition that project management is related to many aspects like allocation, utilization and direction of resources both technical as well as human with considering time in relation to both individual efforts as well as project delivery schedule and with expenses relating to both the ability and utilization of financial assistance of the company. So we can say that without the guidance project management provides, work that have to progress through a sequence of discussions and or it would not meet the goals and enterprise needs.

In this program management, these tasks are assigned to people at three levels in management hierarchy. In the highest the level, there are more common responsibilities. For example at the bottom of the manage hierarchy, project managers need to look at various projects within over all program. Each manager do the management duties we described above.

At the center of the hierarchy is the program manager and his main responsibility is to see that the work effort gives the exact results in the business and IT solutions. This individual activities spend more time and effort on integration activities, negotiating modifications in plans, and communicating than on the other project management activities ensuring schedule and budget

Their main task is to own and supervise the implementation of the program's underlying business and IT strategies, and to define the program's connection to the enterprise's overall business plan and direction. These individuals obtain cyclic review reports and briefings on subsidy expenditure, resources and their utilization, and delivery of interim work products and results. Usually, they will focus on these reports only if there is considerable variation from the plan

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K John Smith has 25 years experience in running business. He is providing Business process Re Engineering, project management, organizational process improvement, program management, Implementation methodology and IT solutions


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