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Author: Kathleen Chester

Before choosing a project management consulting firm, it is necessary to understand the duties and responsibilities of a project manager.

The IT field is in the middle of an unprecedented growth spurt. In the past, IT training consisted of a basic course and a lot of on-the-job training (i.e. trial and error). However, this is no longer an acceptable practice. Today, specialization is key. A successful IT project manager is one who has not only completed projects on time but also acquired the necessary training and certification. It is important to understand the foundations of IT project management; IT skills or experience alone are not enough. These days, IT certification has become an important way to demonstrate proficiency and is required to progress in the field.

Now that the importance of IT project management training is clear, here are some tips on how to go about finding the right project management consulting firm.

When looking for a project management consulting course, there are four things to consider:

The desired level of training

Qualified teachers


Group interaction

Part time or full time: You may opt for a project management training consulting course that is available from traditional universities or from online training schools. Those who are taking the course as part of a degree program must make sure that the program has been accepted by the registrar. On the other hand, if the course is taken in order to improve existing career options, it may be easier to complete the course online.

Level of expertise: The level of expertise depends on the individual needs of the student as well as the capability of the instructor. It is important to discern the proper course level by reading detailed course descriptions.

Qualification of teachers: Qualified instructors should be experts in their own field in order to effectively cover course material. Experience and education allows them to understand the depth of material and emphasize the most important aspects. It is diligent to read professor bios before choosing an institute. Make sure the teaching will be done by instructors themselves, instead of an assistant.

Accreditation: Ensure that the project management consulting firm you choose has the right accreditation. An accredited school is forced to maintain certain standards. This guarantees that the time and money you spend on courses doesn't go to waste. If certification is your end goal, accreditation is required.

Communication: It is important to find out if the course you choose provides sufficient opportunities for communication, group interaction and discussions. The course should also provide you with all the necessary supplemental learning materials to expedite the training process.

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