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Author: Zeynep Cancelik

How to Increase Your Sales with Project Management

The Hidden Side of CRM

Projects are everywhere. Regardless of what your business does, in some shape or form, project management is a way of life for all businesses. The emerging trend in the market shows that project management and CRM are siblings in the same family.

Before we explore the family resemblance between CRM and project management, perhaps we should spend a moment defining both of these terms.

So what is CRM? Simply put, CRM is a strategy that synchronizes sales activities, usually involving technology to accomplish those goals by automating your sales processes. In other words, once the sale is made CRM is usually NOT part of the picture, other than maintaining communication with the customer to ensure they are still happy and/or to market additional services, products, and contract renewals.

Ok, so what about Project Management? Project management is the strategy that regulates activities necessary to plan, organize, and synchronize resources within the scope of the project, budget of the project, and timeframe of the project in order to achieve the successful outcome of the project. In other words project management and CRM both synchronize efforts to maximize success while minimizing the costs.

When we consider the primary purpose of any business (excluding non-profits) is to profit, then any tool, system, or process utilized within that business must help the business to become more profitable. When we examine CRM and project management, it becomes quite apparent that both are value-added tools intended to boost the frequency of sales.

So why should you look for a combined CRM and project management business tool and what should it do for you?

Using CRM as a tool to synchronize your sales activities enables you to automate your sales process as well as facilitate the reduction of your sales cycle. Project management tools synchronize activities and resources to ensure your project is delivered in a timely manner while managing delivery expectations. When CRM and project management are combined you have the ability to monitor and manage your sales and delivery activities, in real-time, and maintain a history of customers, expectations, and results. Perhaps the biggest overlooked opportunity that can be leveraged through a combined CRM and project management tool are up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that would not be captured in a traditional project management tool.

How many times have you found out after the fact that your project manager was privy to invaluable information about your customer? Or that your PM had conversations and discovered your customer's goals or plan to expand; how many times did you miss that opportunity? When CRM and project management tools are combined, then your sales staff has the ability to review information that will enable them to cross-sell and up-sell to new and existing customers.

But more than that, everyone involved in communicating with your customers has access to the same information to ensure that a unified message is communicated from pre-sales to post-delivery.

CRM and project management are invaluable tools that give your company an edge over your competition, and the energized synergizes when the two tools are combined only enhance your competitive advantage.

When it comes to CRM, make sure you look for project management tool and unlock your hidden sales.

Dr. Thomas M. Fryer- Surado CRM

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