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Author: Thea Reid

Every company that has employees out and about, several projects going at the same time, and communication is a necessity, could really use a program that is flexible and works well with keeping track of each and every key member of the program. This unique project management software is designed to do just that. The great thing is that there isn't a whole bunch of complicated software to buy to compliment the program. This is an all in one software that works well with the programs you already own, plus you can take advantage of online programs such as Google Docs to keep your progress running smooth.

The features included in this project management software are amazing. To begin with, there is an opportunity for each project manager to have their own user. All they need is to have a log in name and password and they can do all their reporting online through this software. Another great feature is the ability to keep track of how the project is progressing. Every piece of information applicable to getting the job done on time is entered and if the project falls behind it only take a click of the mouse to find out what the hold up is.

The project management software is a great tool for keeping track of employees hours. So many administrators spend hours upon hours tracking down employees and the project managers to find out what hours happened with which employees. This is even more complicated when the employees may be on jobs in different cities or states. All the project manager needs to do is go to their user on this web based project management program and enter the information on the appropriate place so the office administrator can make sure everyone can get their paycheck on time and done accurately.

There are so many uses and applications for this project management software that just about anyone looking into the features will find that it is designed to suit any company. It would be easy for anyone to think the program was made especially for a particular company. This unique program has the ability to cut the time it takes to do all the tasks nearly in half. This program also allows the administrator to keep track of budgets and monies coming in and going out in one convenient location. There is also discussion boards and places to keep notes, so communication keeps going strong.

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Thea Reid is a self-employed SEO and Social Media Marketer and owner of SEM based in the New York City area. As an SEO, she regularly writes copy that will attract high search engine rankings and increase traffic. She is Google Adwords certified for PPC-PayPerClick and ALZA certified for SEO-Search Engine Optimization. Her work can be viewed online for top retailers such as,,, L'Oreal Technique, David's Cookies, Gift Guide Online, and Thea's Blog; and social networking sites like Going, MetroFunk, Twitter, Technorati and Squidoo. She also manages other client sites and satellite projects that she regularly works on, designs and writes for. More information and samples can be found at and - Search Engine Marketing Made Simple.


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