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Author: Nitesh

Project management has its roots much farther than it is known but to put it in the modern sense began in the early 1960’s. The need for project management discipline was driven by the businesses that realized the advantages of organizing work in projects and the necessity to communicate and co-ordinate work better across departments and teams. Amidst the talk of projects and project management implementation, the role of the project manager emerges as one of great importance and responsibility. For a smooth flow of a project, it is the project manager's job to direct, supervise and control the project from beginning to end.

The responsibility of how the projects move on and finish rests entirely on the shoulders of a project manager for making things happen. The role of a project manager traditionally, was more of as mere implementers. To do their jobs they needed to have basic administrative and technical competencies. Today they play a far broader role. In addition to the traditional skills, they need to have business skills, customer relations skills, and political skills. Psychologically, they must be results-oriented self-starters with a high tolerance for ambiguity, because little is clear-cut in today's tumultuous business environment. Shortcomings in any of these areas can lead to project failure." The shift in the role of a project manger demands more of managing projects rather than carrying out the project work. Where the role of a Project manager is of such significance, the need for them to be skilled and expert becomes all the more essential.

Being a certified professional has become the call of the day with an increasing number of organizations employing certified professionals. For project practitioners PMP Certification amongst the available certifications is a very popular among PMP aspirants.

PMP certification from PMP, USA is a renowned certification according then with the expertise and skills to take on project challenges. Moreover, with a PMP certification under their belt a project manager certainly improves their career graph and performance. PMP certification process involves undertaking PMP exams which requires taking up intensive exam preparation. Project management training is an important aspect of PMP certification and plays a decisive role in attaining this certification. For PMP Certification India a name that has made its mark in the project management training is AstroWix Corporation. A register education provider of PMI, it has been providing PMP aspirants project management training for over a decade now.

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