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Author: Jessica Parklanes

The PMI exam is established by the Project Management Institute or PMI in order to give proper certification to those who pass the PMP exam that legitimizes them as a professional in this field. This certification is proof that you not only have the knowledge but also the expertise to handle jobs that require project management skills.

Project Management Training

Most people who wish to take the PMP exam does not proceed without proper training and exam preparation methods. Hence, there are several private or public institutions out there who provide project management training and courses to those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills before undertaking the exam.If you are interested to partake in a project management training, first you need to learn about what consists the program and what knowledge you can acquire and methods you have to undergo. The PMI exam is quite challenging, even for those who have been studying project management for years and if you wish to succeed in your first try at the PMP exam, then finding a good project management training is one of your keys to progress.

Overview of Project Management Training

The PMP exam focuses on both theory and practice. This means that those who take the PMI exam must have the right knowledge and experience to handle jobs done by project management professionals. Here are the key processes involving a project management training.

Most PMI exam prep are done by assessing the level of knowledge that a participant has through self-assessment tests or interviews. This will give the trainer a vague idea of the participant's knowledge and how much more s/he needs to learn in the program.

This is then proceeded by a management plan laid out for all participants of the project management training. It aims to teach applicants of the ability to consider their shared goals with the company as a crucial part for every project management jobs, in which the PMP exam is preparing you for. Most of the elements consisted in the preparation for the PMI exam consists of lecture-type activities, forums, discussions, brainstorming or activities that lets participants get a first-hand experience of processes involved in a real life project management jobs.

PMP Exam Preparation Courses

Most training programs for a PMP exam provide you with the Project Management Book of Knowledge, or PMBOK. It contains all the essential knowledge every PMPs must learn about the field. Here are the basic areas covered in the book that you must take the time to learn.

* Scope - This area covers scope of the project, managing client expectations, breakdown and completion of work

* Time - Network of activities, fast tracking, and other activities that raise consciousness about time as a vital element in all types of project.

* Cost - Focuses on tasks such as Estimation, Earned Value, Operational and Maintaining Costs.

* Risks - Considers the risk taken and benefits earned through the project and all processes involved.

* Communication - This is one of the most vital elements for a smooth running project. Therefore, all project management professionals must be able to keep the communication lines open and also increase ability to share information.

* Human Resources - You need to synchronize all people involved in the project to accomplish tasks on time, while also managing conflicts and establishing authority.

* Quality - Another crucial factor, this one touches cost, performance, and requirements.

These are just some of the basic factors that you will get to review over a project management training as part of your preparation for the PMP exam. The idea here is polish and enhance the set of skills already available to the participants to perform a better job not just during the PMI exam but also on the actual job setting.

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