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Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

Training is always an essential part in learning and so does Project management training. Learning Project Management fundamentals is a necessary step in a project management discipline, besides other critical factors for successful project management. Project Management Training is generally referred to practical, real-world, hands-on experience for project managers in learning the principles and practices that lead to effective and successful project management.

Among the many project management certifications available, PMP is the most after and popular PM certifications. This certification from PMI, USA is of the highest order and holds high credentials too. AstroWix a registered education provider of PMI excels in providing project management training with over a decade long experience in training professionals on best practices in project management. Project management training traditionally revolves around the benefits of a set framework of principles and ‘best practices’ that are a part of effective project management. But our training approach follows a modern methodology that takes the project managers beyond the classroom environment of set guidelines and thus building an atmosphere of adaptability and the crucial habit of applying the lessons learnt.

Project management excellence is the buzzword of today, with efficiency experts in great demand as organizations are hiring them in an effort to enhance their productivity while at the same time lowering the costs. As the requirement for skilled and experts professionals rise the need for project management training also is on the high. Training in project management cannot be underestimated as it comes with measurable improvements to an organizations bottom line.

PMP certification amongst the many other certifications is the most difficult of them, requiring meticulous and thorough preparation. AstroWix training workshops on PMP not only provides with a structured course materials but also hands-on-experience on real projects. Moreover, the results-oriented approach of effective project management training makes it essential for project leads to build upon the concepts of good project management and apply their knowledge to their projects. A PMP certification prepares you for managing business projects using project management tools, processes and techniques. Moreover, all project practitioners stand to gain a focus on how to gain clear objectives, insight, ensure timelines and budget demands. Also it serves as an excellent guide to identify and manage resources, thus attaining highest return on investment.

AstroWix training workshops trains project professionals for applying project management skills and techniques in varying arenas from an IT software firm, a construction company to telecom. Over the years our training workshops and seminars have turned out to be very valuable for organizations that have reaped long term benefits.

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