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Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

Based on studies and personal experiences some project practitioners have observed that over 90% of project issues that arise could be traced back to communication problems. This establishes the significant role of Communication in Project Management. It has gained a stature that it is today considered as the lifeblood of a project and project success. When you handle a project as a project manager it is so crucial that what the project staff is doing. If the project team members do not know what their duties and tasks are or moreover how do they go about accomplishing them, it can bring the entire project to a grinding halt. As a project manager if you are aware of what you team is doing then you cannot monitor the project and this is what leads as in many cases delay in delivery and over budget.

Project management advocators and practitioners regard communication as the key for project success and an important asset for project managers. Moreover, the lack of communication with the customer in not being able to understand their requirements even does not let the project get off the ground. Project management experts are of the opinion that maintaining open, regular and accurate means of communication with all levels of project staff and stakeholders is vital. This ensures the smooth flow of information from customer to you and with enough warning of risks and changes.

Looking at the pivotal role communication plays for a project manager, the need for PMP Certification for project professionals has become an essential. PMP Certification is offered by Project Management Institute (PMI), which is globally recognized. This certification not only addresses the requirements of project managers in project integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk and time but importantly builds up skills in communication management too. In India, for PMP Certification, AstroWix is a Registered Education Provider of PMI providing PMP Certification Preparation to help professionals get the PMP Certification, USA.

PMP certification requires rigorous training and preparation. AstroWix with its years of experience in the field Project Management assists professionals in preparing them to identify their strengths & weaknesses and improve their various skills that are required for successful passing the PMP certification exam. AstroWix is one of the few recognized names to help candidates for PMP certification preparation with a pass success rate of 100%, which is far above the average. Individuals who pass this certification find the Project Management skills effective to execute projects and effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

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