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Author: Sabra Easterday

Outsourcing has become a common business strategy in the present times. Businesses, whether SMEs or MNC organizations, have reaped huge benefits in terms of cost savings and service quality by outsourcing work to expert external service providers

With the increase of online business transactions, B2B marketplaces have become a popular hub for outsourcing in the virtual world. B2B marketplaces are online platforms where businesses, both buyers and service providers or freelancers, can register themselves and pursue business opportunities. Outsourcers and buyers can find the kind of professionals they need and freelancers and service providers can find buyers for their services.

Process of Project Outsourcing

Outsourcing on B2B marketplaces is simple and easy. You simply post your project on the B2B website and inform the potential service providers about your outsourcing needs. Freelancers and professional service providing companies can bid for your outsourcing project, and you then choose the best bid and close the deal. In other words, the B2B portal puts you and the chosen freelancer in contact with each other to pursue a win-win relationship.

The advantage of B2B marketplaces and other e-bidding platforms is that once a project is posted, it attracts a number of bids - so many that you will be spoilt for choice. However, along with the diverse number of options available, you may be confused over which bidder to choose. And the challenges don"t end here. In fact, there are can be many more problems in due course...

Projects can often get mired in disputes or the bidding period expires and the project gets frozen without being awarded to any freelancer. In order to avoid such situations and make your project outsourcing successful, you need to have an efficient strategy.

5 Tips for a Successful Outsourcing Project

A project can only be classified as successful when you, as a client feel satisfied and happy with the end-result. Here are some things that you need to follow for the same:

Have Realistic Expectations

One of the most common reasons clients aren"t satisfied with their project outsourcing outcomes is that they have huge expectations and when the deliverables fail to meet those expectations, the client is disappointed. Outsourcing projects to freelancers has its vast number of benefits. However, you need to carefully analyze the components of the project, such as timing, costs and capabilities of the service provider, and create a clear and realistic list of expectations about the project.

Prepare your Content

Your project particulars should be clear and specific. A detailed project informs prospective freelancers exactly what the project entails with the aim of attracting the right bids. If you leave things to assumption, you will not attract the right bids and you will end up having to wade through a lot of non-relevant bids to find the right one for you.

Make Clear Specifications

When you post your project, make sure you specify clearly what kind of service provider you are looking for. Are you looking for professional companies or freelancers who can do the job for you? What kind of expertise are you looking for?

Choose the Best Option

While choosing the potential freelancer for your project, don"t just consider the price as the only parameter. Apart from the cost of the project, you also need to consider other things like the experience of the professional, their expertise, the time they quote for the project and so on. After considering all of these points, make sure you choose the freelancer who can give you the best service for the cost.

Supervise the Project

Outsourcing doesn"t necessarily mean that you can delegate the work to a freelancer and then forget about it. You need to monitor and supervise the project on a regular basis in order to ensure that the work proceedings are going smoothly and seamlessly. This will ensure that you will get quality results that match your expectations as well.

Disclaimer : Sabra Easterday is the owner and founder of MatchB2B. Sabra is also a lawyer with a special interest in business issues and e-marketplaces. Notwithstanding that Sabra Easterday is a lawyer, nothing in this article and no services of MatchB2B or its website are legal services and no attorney-client relationship exists between any reader of this article or user, customer or potential customer of MatchB2B, and MatchB2B, its website or Sabra Easterday.

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About the Author

Sabra Easterday is the founder and managing member of MatchB2B, an excellent B2B marketplace where businesses from across the world can register and hire freelancers and service providers for their project requirements. She has extensive expertise of handling business transactions and aims to help businesses pursue profitable opportunities.


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