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Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

Project Management is sometimes referred to as a unique combination of art and science with the leadership role or people component playing an important part. Project mangers role as a leader is particularly a challenging job and overcoming these challenges is considered to the true essence of the job. Of the biggest challenge for any Project Manager is to figure out exactly what he has to do as often is the case he is just given half-baked ideas that he has convert into workable, feasible and money making endeavor. Planning is the heart of any project and the first initial step for a Project manager to begin his work. Another task at hand which he cannot let go is to build and maintain an effective team which would become the core of his project.

For delivering successful projects it is essential to efficiently manage the project, control the project duration, costs (budget) and quality of the project. And it is observed these are the skills and approach if not followed leads to high failure rates in projects. PMP Certification accorded by PMI (Project Management Institute) is the most recognized and most respected certification preparing project professionals on the project needs and challenges. PMP Certification by PMI addresses the requirements of project managers in communication management, integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk and time. Managing projects for project professionals can be a task which if approached through an efficient approach could deliver excellent results.

Project Managers are today accepted to be well versed in the science of Project Management and without the adequate knowledge and skill set, it becomes impossible to survive in the competitive industry.

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