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Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

Organizations around the world have transformed their operations-oriented approach to project-oriented approach in businesses to respond and adapt to the changes in the business environment. This shift has resulted in with Project Management as the buzzword in the organizations. To put forth a definition for Project Management- It is the management of all activities and tasks to bring about a positive change in the present state of the organization for a better organizational future and growth. PM is in fact the managing of complex decision making, planning, implementation, control, and documentation of projects right from the start to the finish.

Researches and various surveys indicate that as many as seven out of every 10 projects fail as they are late, are over budget, of poor quality or all of the above. A project is a unique venture which is undertaken by an organization to bring about some advantageous gain to it. Every project has a set goal, a timescale, an approved budget, involving a certain element of risk and if the fate of any project is failure, it doesn’t the purpose it was undertaken. As the importance of projects for the organizations have increased, failed projects are a matter of concern. This has necessitated for a powerful tool like Project Management into play, with more and more organizations awakening to its hidden power for achieving project success.

With organizations showing more inclination towards PMP certified people, the demand for PMP certified professionals is on the rise. Moreover, as a PMP certified professional the chances for an individual increases manifold to get employed and far better career prospects. For PMP® Certification India, AstroWix a Registered Education Provider of PMI provides PMP Certification to help professionals with the PMP Certification, USA. PMP certification requires rigorous qualifications, testing and preparation, thus right preparation and training become essentials. Individuals who pass this certification find the Project Management skills effective to execute projects right on time and within budget. Today, there are a lot many project professionals who are project managers or want to become one, PMP certification adds to their skill set and experience in managing projects.

About PMI and PMP Certification

The Project Management Institute (PMI), is the world's foremost authority for the project management profession. It sets industry standards, conducts research, and provides education, certification, and professional exchange opportunities, designed to strengthen and further establish the profession. Moreover, it plays a key role in advancing the careers of project practioners, while enhancing the overall business and government performance.

The PMP Certification is the project management profession's most recognized and respected global credential accorded by PMI. There are over 200,000 PMP's worldwide located in over 160 countries. To obtain PMP certification, an individual must satisfy education and experience requirements, agree to adhere to a Professional Code of Conduct, and pass the PMP Certification Examination.

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