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Author: Karen Young

Preparing for your PMP certainly takes some dedicated study time. Learning the theory of the Project Management Body of Knowledge as well as understanding the practical application means a thorough reading and understanding of the PMBOK manual. Reading the PMBOK manual alone, however, will not guarantee a passing mark for the PMP examination.

There are several PMP exam preparation tools and resources available commercially as well as some free resources on the internet.

When studying for the PMP certification, there is one study method that should be considered as part of your study regime and that is PMP simulation. PMP exam simulation software provides two distinct benefits in your study:

Familiarity with sample PMP questions.

This aspect of PMP simulation is highly valuable. PMP exam simulation software provides the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the multiple choice format of questions as well as having to select from more than one potential answer. This really develops your critical analysis skills.

Although it seems obvious, one of the keys to success in passing PMP test is reading and understanding the question as well as reading and understanding the available options. It is surprising how many mistakes are made by simply misreading or making assumptions about the questions. These are mistakes that could be eliminated by simply taking the time to understand the question and what it is asking for as well as fully comprehending the available option for the answer to the question. PMP exam simulators host a large number of PMP examination questions that will enable you to develop excellent familiarity with the PMP question format and excellent experience in applying your question comprehension and critical analysis skills to select the correct answer.

Opportunity to simulate exam conditions.

The other main benefit of PMP simulation, in addition to developing experience with the PMP examination questions is the opportunity to simulate PMP exam conditions. This includes the timing of the questions that is available and to some extent the heightened feeling of anxiety that you may experience in the exam situation.

With 200 questions to answer in a four hour period, it is imperative that your pmp study includes as aspect of practising the relatively fast pace required for answering the exam questions. PMP simulation provides the necessary experience of reading, synthesizing, analysing and responding in the short timeframe required, repetitively.

PMP simulators will usually provide many hundreds of sample PMP examination questions as well as several PMP preparation exams.

Studying for any examination requires work. Time dedicated to learning the required content. Studying for any certification should also include a component of study that is focused on the specific format of questions and which emulates the examination format and conditions.

Study for the PMP qualification is no different and PMP simulation provides this opportunity to utilize PMP sample questions and practice them within the expected format and timing of the PMP exam. PMP exam simulation software is a highly recommended means of study that should be implemented as part of your PMP study regime.

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