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Six Sigma is the procedure of business improvement , it can be applied to any business industry whether it is Production company , Manufacturing company,IT Company or any educational group , it improves the quality product with improved business life cycle in the organization. Six Sigma is like a star for any organization ,it also help improve to process of new product development.

The main benefits if Sig Sigma is to organize people , to develop people in all department whether it is financial , quality product development,confidence .In any organization , peoples are assets and they need improvement in all areas. Six Sigma helps to develop your people in two areas: it develops leaders and it empowers people to be knowledgeable and valuable contributors to the organization's success.

"Six Sigma" the term means ,the normal distribution curve in the study of statistics. . In statistics, the symbol "sigma" is used to identify the standard deviation, a measure of variability in a data set. If the business process produces widely variable results, then there are likely to see a large number of defects. A Six Sigma business process is one designed to produce results with an extremely low proportion of defects. The methods of Six Sigma have been successfully applied to many business processes. Six Sigma (6 sigma )also indicates that if there is found 6 defects in any product then the product is very close to poor development.

This business improvement method firstly started by Motorola in 1980's and they successfully implement it. Famously successful companies which have implemented Six Sigma since then includes General Electric, 3M, and many more till now.

There are two methods for implementing Six Sigma for an existing product (DMAIC) and on new process/product design creation (DMADV).

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