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Author: sancharan roy

There is wide divergence of opinions in this field; the only agreement seems to be the disagreement on what constitutes ‘project success’. De Wit (1988) and other writers distinguish between project success (measured against the overall objectives of the project) and project management success (measured against the widespread and traditional measures of performance against cost, time and quality). The second distinction is also important – it is the difference between success criteria (the measures by which success or failure of a project or business will be judged) and success factors (those inputs to the management system that lead directly or indirectly to the success of the project or business). Rockart (1979) developed a three step procedure for determining which factors contribute to meeting organizational goals. His study reveals that many executives tend to link in terms of “what does it take to be successful” in their business rather than in terms of purposes, objectives, and goals.

Generate critical success factors (CSFs): The key question in this step is, “what does it take to be successful in the business?”

Refine (CSFs) into objectives: The key question in this step is, “What should the organization’s objectives and goals be with respect to the critical success factors?”

Identify measures of performance: The key question in this step is, “How will we know whether the organization has been successful on this factor?”

Project manager is an important factor leading to project success. As discussed above, many leading authors agree with this point of view and are conducting research to substantiate this grounded theory. This paper has endeavoured to bring out the factors associated with project manager’s leadership style having profound impact on project success.

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About the Author

Sancharan Roy has completed B.E. from Jadavpur University, with a specialization in Electronics & Tele-communication Engineering. He has completed MBA from NIT (National Institute of Technology), Trichy. He has more than seven years of work experience.


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