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Author: Helius

The Helius Learning Management System is an ideal site for businesses looking to streamline their employee training methods while simultaneously reducing training costs and expenses. The Learning Management System offered by Helius is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses looking to improve productivity, to make training operations more proficient, and to minimize the costs associated with operating a business and training employees. The Learning Management System is innovative and offers a business the ability to manage, control, distribute, online training literature and presentations without having to get involved in complicated and costly Internet technologies.

Using online resources saves you time and money when it comes time to train employees or when you want to present new products and/or services. Since you can put all of your training materials in one easy to access location, you do not have to worry about getting everyone together in one place at one time to train them or to inform them about your service or product offerings. Instead, your employees or customers can access the Learning Management System that you establish at, and they can do so at a scheduled time or at their convenience. Online training and product/service presentation gives you the ability to free up your time doing other things and to tend to matters of business while your employees are being trained or your clients are accessing the information that you want to share as well.

The Learning Management System by Helius is an online portal that offers businesses a method of offering educational and training materials via the Internet. The system provides businesses with the ability to store diverse content for employee training. You can create content in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF files, or you can take advantage of the Helius Presenter and you can offer the latter files and documents to others with ease. With the Learning Management System you manage how all content is shared, accessed and viewed too so you maintain full control over how your training or information is offered. You can theme the portal to your business, and Learning Management System Helius even supplies you with tools so that you can track the performance of your training efforts.

The Presenter that comes with access to the Helius Learning Management System gives you a variety of features that make training employees and creating product presentations a breeze. The Presenter allows you to create informative PowerPoint® Presentations, and you get the ability to create everything online and publish it to your learning system portal. You also get special features like flash movie creations, the ability to create surveys and quizzes, the ability to generate a table of contents, and the ability to add audio narration to your training materials and presentations too.

You can choose the size of the community that you offer your training material to through your customized Helius Learning Management System portal, and you are supplied with survey responses, statistics, information on the activity of all users, and more. You will find that the Learning Management System is the ultimate business solution for training employees, for offering HR communications, for dynamic marketing, for communication in a corporate environment, and for product demonstrations as well.

What is nice about the Helius Learning Management System is that you can try the system out without any kind of financial obligation. You can establish a trial account and within moments you will be able to witness the power of the system for yourself. Check out the learning management system portal offered by Helius and get access to an innovative online tool that can make your employee training and business advertising simplified, more productive, and cost efficient.

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Founded in 1995, Helius, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) and provides digital communications solutions for business. As industry leaders, we take pride in addressing the unique challenges that exist in the markets we serve, which is why leading companies turn to Helius solutions to solve their mission-critical communications needs.


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