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Author: Lee Percival

In business it is easy to become bogged down with performing tasks. Simple or complex, it does not matter. They can so rule your life and time that you do not get the things accomplished that matter and so you stagnate.

That is why using a good time management model will help you get through the tasks and perform what is necessary. Small businesses are particularly at a disadvantage because there are few in the business who can help. But, individuals face this as well.

One of the best models for time management is based on what is called the "Eisenhower" method. It is purported that President Eisenhower used the following. It is so simple and without convolution that anyone can make use of it in business or in life.

On a piece of paper, draw two lines; one horizontally and one vertically which intersect in the middle. Each of the white areas on either side of these lines is called a quadrant. In each of these four quadrants you place the titles: Important / Unimportant / Urgent / Not urgent. The following rules govern which tasks fall into which quadrants and so determine how to address them.

Tasks in the unimportant/not urgent side quadrants are discarded. They are of no value to you. Tasks that are important/urgent are those that you perform immediately and by yourself. Tasks that are unimportant/urgent are delegated to someone else. And finally, tasks that are important/not urgent are assigned a due date to be accomplished later.

One way in which you can use these principles to the betterment of your business is to have a system in place that will help you. This can be accomplished with an 800 number and PBX system. Not only can your customers and prospects reach you via a toll-free number, but they can be routed to the best location for their call which will prevent you from having to handle all calls as important/urgent.

Having a system like this in place allows you to prioritize your activities based on the nature of the calls. Those that go into a voicemail box can be retrieved at a set time in which you sit down to parse through them to see where to place the calls. This produces a calming effect on you by giving you structure and organization.

Your customers and prospects appreciate the fact that you get back with them in such a timely manner when the need arises. Also, inquiries that need basic information about products or services can be given a position on your system in order to help those who just need a bit of information instead of needing to talk to a 'live' person.

How much does a system like this cost? The costs are based on what you purchase and the options you choose. But prices for 800 numbers are lower than ever. And, easy set up and expansion means your system will grow with your business.

It truly is one of the best systems that you can get to help you with time management priorities. In fact, Eisenhower would be proud. He is attributed with the following quote: "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important." Sage advice, indeed.

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About the Author

Lee Percival is a small business owner who uses toll free number service. He recommends getting a toll free phone number for business use to improve your professional image and customer service.


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