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Author: Rann0122

Identifying all the issues and all the tasks which may affect the progress of a project is really very important.

Because it has been seen that in one of the most perfectly planned projects there are number of issues and tasks which are unforeseen and really affects the progress of the project directly or indirectly, and in order to maintain the budget and deadline of the project these issues and tasks have to be ruled out. The nature and reason of the task and issue should be identified as soon as possible, because after knowing this point one can rule out them very easily and can carry on with the project.

Basically the report of the issues and tasks is made which is shown to the project manager or work manager and this report is made on paper or on the software which has been specially designed for keeping such records. The report of ruling out such issues and tasks is called as tracking status. This really helps the project manager to keep all the records of efforts made by you in order to track the problem and then solving it. The system also allows you to resolve all the problems in the real time.

Increasing the efficiency of project management is also very important.

Without having the ability of tracking all the progress of all the issues and tasks in the real time number of times the project manager remain unaware from the progress of issues and tasks unless and until the meeting for the project progress are called. But the tracking status allows the project or work manager to shift the task to the person who can do it much more perfectly without giving any flaw. This really helps the project manager to resolve all the issues during the project with or without the wastage of time. Basically in order to complete project on time or in other words to meet the deadline the issues and tasks should be ruled out as soon as possible. This really allows the entire project manager to keep record of each and every move made by an individual or by a team.

Keeping the track status offers you the capability to access your project from company's head office only. As one get each and report of the moves made by an employee or by the team working at the project's site.

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