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The TASKey Leadership Platform is a simple to use extremely flexible product development solution.  It does all the complex tracking, organizing, coordinating and reporting, so users have more time to do real work.

Start with an idea and develop a broad implementation plan.  People involved can concurrently enter what they and others need to contribute through a web browser.  By entering the other people involved task and action teams are automatically created.

TASKey TEAM takes this information and automatically shows team members what they need-to-know and produces a personal ToDo list for each user.  All a user needs to do is tick off actions completed, then TASKey TEAM automatically:

  • Keeps the focus on what each user needs-to-know
  • Implements the complex flowon effects to other tasks and teams 
  • Updates progress dates and Bar (Gantt) Charts 
  • Notifies relevant people by email
  • Provides relevant reports
  • Keeps track of the plan as it develops
  • Adds what actually happened to a template for future use

Most importantly the software matches the way people naturally work, so minimal changes are required by users.  The key is that TASKey TEAM acts like a broker to keep product development work coordinated and all users informed in a simple understandable way.

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