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Operations are the ongoing processes that get work done. Unlike projects that tend to be unique discrete activities, operations keep the day to day work of an organization flowing.

Some operations are similar to projects, but tend to be of shorter duration and do not have a designated project manager. The work is managed by people from their existing organization positions.

The TASKey TEAM Leadership Platform makes it easy for leaders to create simple one page Action Plans that other people can understand. In many cases, using templates of past successful processes or best practices save a lot of time and facilitate continuous improvement.

TASKey TEAM automatically extracts relevant actions from action plans and organizes these actions into personalized ToDo lists for each contributor. Leaders can distribute Action Plans and ToDo lists to followers electronically or on paper.

Action Plans can be easily updated at any time and progress shown when actions are completed. Feedback is provided to relevant people to keep them informed about events that affect them personally.

Using the TASKey TEAM Leadership Platform, you can take control of operations and be a better leader.

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