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Outsourcing selected work to other people can be a cost effective way to run a business. However keeping the outsourced work coordinated with insourced work is usually a challenge, especially if you have little face to face contact.

The TASKey TEAM Leadership Platform makes it easy for leaders to get their plans out of their head and into simple one page Action Plans that other people can understand. Action plans detail the linkages and workflows required between insourced and outsourced contributors.

TASKey TEAM uniquely keeps action plans aligned through the people doing the work. Plus in the background, it automatically organizes actions into personalized ToDo lists for each contributor.

Leaders can distribute Action Plans and ToDo lists to followers electronically or on paper.

Action Plans can be easily updated at any time and progress shown when actions are completed. Feedback is provided to relevant people to keep them informed about events that affect them personally.

You can take control of outsourcing by letting the TASKey TEAM Leadership Platform do the hard coordination work for you in the background 7x24. This will give you more time to lead people.

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