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Traditional project management is a powerful tool to help a project manager plan and control a project.  However, the project management method is not designed to help the people completing project tasks.

Using traditional project management software, you can break down the project into a framework of clearly identifiable packets of work.  These packets of work (usually called tasks) are the “what” is to be completed.

The “how” the work task is to be completed is left to team members to create Action Lists of how each task will be done.  This “how” process is not included in traditional project management, yet it is where work is actually done and most collaboration occurs.

TASKey TEAM web software integrates the “what” of project management and the “how” that is normally considered as Task and Team management.  This integration provides the structure required to create dynamic personalised ToDo lists (of the actions required) and provide real-time feedback and progress reporting.

Everyone is involved, not just the project manager with a scheduler and a few key people.  Using TASKey TEAM, users can instantly answer the question “What do I need to do, when and with who for all the projects and tasks I am involved in?”  This is a giant leap forward over traditional project management methods and tools.

Project management training is a major cost in terms of time and effort, yet it does not focus on the task and team management required to actually do the work.  TASKey has developed an Automatic Collaboration Engine (ACE) that manages the complex dynamic relationships between projects, tasks, actions, teams and individuals plus provides real-time feedback and progress reporting.  With half a day’s training on TASKey TEAM, even below average managers and implementers can outperform above average managers using traditional methods.

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