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Strategies are big plans made up of a lot of little action plans. The challenge is to sustain the alignment between the tasks, actions and people working towards a strategy’s goal.

The TASKey TEAM Leadership Platform makes it easy for leaders to break down your strategies into a number of simple one page Action Plans that other people can understand. The goal and task breakdown ensures that Action Plans logically fit together with no gaps.

In the background, TASKey TEAM automatically identifies relevant actions for each contributor and organizes them into personalized ToDo lists. Leaders can distribute Action Plans and ToDo lists to followers electronically or on paper.

Action Plans can be easily updated at any time and progress shown when actions are completed. Feedback is provided to everyone to keep them informed about events that affect them personally.

Using the TASKey TEAM Leadership Platform, you can take control of the planning and implementation of your strategies and become a better leader.

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