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With TASKey TEAM you control the implementation of your tasks down to the action/To Do level where the work is actually being done.

It is web based, and keeps track of who needs to do all critical actions. Every team member can access relevant task and team information from any location by a web browser.

Simple in operation, yet provides both basic and advanced features:

  • Dynamic customized To Do Lists for every user
  • Automatic updates on change implementation progress.
  • Fast notifications when a user is affected by a change
  • Control over tasks, teams, and people wherever they are

Enter critical task and team information, and then TASKey TEAM transforms this information into powerful plans and implementation processes. TASKey TEAM handles the coordination and keeps users informed of what they need to do and changes that affect them.

Integration and coordination of contracts, strategies, projects, changes, on-going tasks, actions, ToDo's, teams (including virtual) and individuals is now achievable with TASKey TEAM. Successfully manage contracts with TASKey TEAM.

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