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Working together to achieve goals sounds simple, but the reality is anything but simple. In the workplace, there are many challenges that need to be overcome for work to flow easily between the people doing the work.

Some innovators are exploring social networking (such as provided in MySpace and FaceBook) for managing work, but social networking lacks a coherent method for people to manage work together.

Traditional management systems focus on largely local situations where the manager can control, or at least influence, how people are using their time and effort. There is a strong reliance on managers personally implementing the functions of management: goal setting, organizing, leading, monitoring, communicating and coordinating. Personal involvement allows a manager to gain the knowledge required for effective problem solving and decision making.

The requirement to manage work beyond a local team has made implementing the functions of management significantly more difficult and time consuming. Consequently there is an urgent need for a management system that makes it easy for people to work together anywhere at any time.

Part 1 of this paper identifies nine core challenges that are stopping people reaching their potential to effectively work together. Many of these challenges are accepted almost universally as givens that cannot be changed. However after over ten years of workplace research and development, TASKey has evolved a comprehensive management system that addresses all of these challenges.

Part 2 of this paper describes TASKey’s new global management system that gives all managers and team members’ critical task and team information, not available using current methods. Clear accountability, real-time progress reporting, and timely feedback not only improve productivity, but reduce frustration by clearly showing each person’s involvement in relevant tasks and exactly what they need to do.

TASKey’s new global management system and web software tool to apply the system consistently provides a solution to the nine core challenges. The solution manages work through people and automates many of the complex and time consuming management tasks needed for high productivity.

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