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Today many people work from many places at many different times. Mobile devices, such as mobile/cell phones, can now use the Internet to be part of a global network. The ability to communicate verbally and digitally with anyone, anywhere at any time is largely a reality.

The world has changed dramatically and opened up great opportunities for the broader application of project management principles. The challenge now is; “Can project management evolve fast enough and flexibly enough to provide the solution for people working together globally?”

Global connectivity makes it possible for all project stakeholders (clients, senior management, project managers, people doing project tasks, and people affected by project tasks) to contribute to and help sustain projects in close to real-time. It is also possible to concurrently manage other non project tasks (strategic, governance, operations) that directly or indirectly affect a project.

This paper explains how mobile project management can be achieved with some changes to existing project management techniques and the use of software that runs on web and mobile browsers. The techniques and tools make it relatively simple for all stakeholders to work together effectively on many projects concurrently and globally.

A case study will explain how a diverse organization with 16,000 personnel dispersed across Australia has used mobile project management to successfully manage projects, strategies, governance and operations concurrently.

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(Mobile Project Management PMI PMOZ 2009.pdf, 377k)

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