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This white paper provides a brief overview of Distributed Management and its significant benefits. Details are provided on how to apply TASKey's Distributed Management Method to coordinate work in any organisation. TASKey TEAM software is used to make the method easy to apply consistently and achieve the coordination required for success.

What is Distributed Management?
Distributed Management provides the means for individuals and teams to manage their work and team relationships within a broad framework. The broad framework identifies what has to be done, individuals and teams decide how to work together to do the work, and web-based software tracks and coordinates the relationships between actions, tasks, projects, teams and individuals; so that work can be completed effectively.

Distributed Management is a comprehensive method that provides the core capabilities required to work together effectively.

Key parts of Distributed Management are:

  • Breaking down strategies and larger tasks into more manageable tasks
    (to provide direction - the what needs to be done)
  • Identifying the team members involved in each task
    (to identify who needs to see the task)
  • Detailing the actions and teams required to do each task
    (how the task will be done)
  • Managing responsibilities, delegations, and facilitating accountability
    (to eliminate the usual confusion surrounding individual and team roles)
  • Keeping track of and coordinating all work and people relationships
    (using TASKey's patented coordination methods)
  • Only showing individuals the actions, tasks, teams and individuals that are relevant to them (to show relevant information from each individual's perspective)
  • Providing real-time progress reporting to everyone who can see the task
    (to eliminate the normal delays in passing critical decision making information)

Why is Distributed Management Needed?
Distributed Management is needed because it matches the way people naturally work in today's changing workplace. In the past, traditional centralised management methods relied on managers to coordinate all the work to be done. They needed to understand detailed information, and kept most of it in their heads.

Traditional methods are acceptable for coordinating small teams doing a small number of slowly changing tasks. However, the usual work environment today involves rapid change and people being involved in many teams and doing many tasks.

Distributed Management methods are needed to overcome the limitations of traditional methods. Management of the work needs to be distributed to everyone doing tasks, so that managers can focus on the bigger picture.

Distributed Management methods match how we naturally work
People manage naturally by focusing on a task to be done, identifying the people who can help, identifying what needs to be done, then working with other people (usually in some form of formal or informal team) to complete the task. Methods that match how we naturally work are easier to learn and apply.

Why is web-based software needed?
The need to collect, manage, and report critical decision-making information requires software that can perform the thousands of checks needed to track and coordinate tasks, actions, teams and individuals.

This software needs to web-based so that people can access and use it in the same way from any location. Thus working together is easier, even if other team members are geographically remote.

The Benefits of Distributed Management
The major benefits of using Distributed Management methods are:

  • A significant competitive advantage is gained over people and organisations that continue to struggle with traditional management methods.
  • The integration of an organisation's critical tasks (strategies, projects, enabling tasks and routine tasks) makes it easier to balance long, medium and short-term priorities.
  • Everyone can maximise their value for effort, because coordinated work flows freely with minimal time wasted.
  • Managers at all levels can focus on value adding work, rather than wasting a lot of time and effort trying to get tasks back on track.
  • The relevance, quality and speed of decision-making is improved, because there are no delays in transmission of critical progress information.
  • People are more confident and proactive because they have clear guidance and direction.
  • Team dynamics are improved because TASKey's Distributed Management Method enhances natural team coordination by distributing and coordinating both task and team management processes.

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