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Take advantage of TASKey's extensive experience in leadership and management through a wide set of Consulting and Training services coupled with the software development experience to implement solutions to sustain productivity into the future.

Management, Leadership and Planning Consulting

TASKey has completed a wide range of consulting assignments.  In many cases, clients were looking for innovative solutions to challenging problems.  TASKey expertise in managing change provides solutions that are workable and acceptable for the people involved.

If requested, TASKey can provide targeted consulting support to ensure that the considerable benefits of TASKey's Strategy Implementation Platform are quickly realised.  TASKey has established a network of partners who have the management consulting expertise to assist clients to expand the use of TASKey WorkNav web software in their organizations.

For more information on consulting support, please contact TASKey to discuss how we can best meet your specific requirements.

Leadership, Management and Project Management Training

TASKey has considerable leadership and management training capabilities.  Many public and private training courses and workshops have been presented to Australian and overseas attendees.  The emphasis is always on the practical application of lessons learnt when attendees return to the workplace.

TASKey has quality training material in the following areas:  leadership, management with a particular focus on getting work done, project management, change management, getting the best from technology, strategic management, strategy implementation, task management, and time management.

We find that the best training outcomes are achieved when the scope and material is customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

For more information on training support, please contact TASKey to discuss how we can best meet your specific requirements.

Customized Software Development

TASKey's team of experienced software developers, testers and project managers have used their considerable expertise to develop customized web software applications for Government departments.  Examples of software developed include:

  • Whole of Australian Government On Line Videoconferencing Booking System.  The system includes access from both the Internet and mobile phones (iPhones, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC and other popular phones).  Real-time cost and environmental (carbon) saving calculations approved by the Department of Finance and Deregulation are included.  read more...
  • Whole of Defence Training Area Safety Management Information System.  The 5000 user system includes training area bookings with sophisticated GIS capabilities to detect range usage clashes and unsafe practices.
  • Business continuity planning software used across Defence for Y2K contingency planning.
  • Numerous cost and data collection systems for Defence (including a National shooting data collection and reporting system for Army).
  • Integrations with SharePoint and Exchange have also been successfully completed.

To meet clients' specific needs, TASKey can also add additional capabilities to our own commercial web and mobile browser software (called TASKey WorkNav).

For more information on software development, please contact TASKey to discuss how we can best meet your specific requirements.